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SOE builds the integrated information platform—“From design to order delivery”


Announcing a few days ago, SAP said it is going to join hands with SINOPACIFIC Offshore & Engineer (“SOE”) to put in place the integrated information platform that focuses on SAP Product Life-Cycle Management (SAP PLM) and SAP Enterprise Resources Plan (SAP ERP), aiming at building a model project of SAP in the global offshore engineering equipment manufacturing, further driving SOE to achieve the strategic goal of being the leading corporation of the industry. 

SOE is engaged in high-end discrete manufacturing with a complicated business process. Upon careful inspection and consideration by both sides, SOE made the decision based on its existing SAP ERP to continue to implement the SAP PLM solution to build the integrated information platform under ETO (from design to order delivery), furthering putting a end-to-end whole-process management on the business process, in particular, guaranteeing the coordination between R&D and manufacturing at a high level to improve the operation efficiency. 

Dr. He Wuwei, corporate officer & executive vice president of SAP, executive in charge of SAP Global Support, said the cooperation of the two would not only improve the design innovation and agile manufacturing of SOE, but also enhance the adaptability and competitiveness of SAP PLM, contributing to the building of a model corporation in domestic and international offshore engineering equipment manufacturing and achieving successful win-win cooperation. 

Simon Liang, president of SOE, said, “Looking at the information building throughout domestic and international offshore engineering equipment manufacturing, SOE possesses a great space of innovation and development prospect. So, we are deepening the cooperation with SAP. Taking ‘Creating Value, Innovation Breakthrough, Talent Development, and Erecting the Model’ as the philosophy, we intend to keep creating value for both sides through the progressing and implementation of PLM+ERP. We place many expectations on the information platform.”