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President Simon Liang (Liang Xiaolei) honored for “Top 100 Chinese given the closest attention to in Shipping in 2014”


“Incorporated in 2003, this private shipbuilder has found its way with Offshore Support/Supply Vessels (OSV) around the world with a great international market share in OSV that makes SINOPACIFIC SHIPBUILDING GROUP second to none.”

The above comment was given on Simon Liang, president of Evergreen Holding Group, president & CEO of SINOPACIFIC SHIPBUILDING GROUP, by the Organizing Commission (short for the Organizing Commission consisting of 100 people from Chinese shipping) in the “Top 100 Chinese given the closest attention to in Shipping in 2014” appraised, elected and published by the Shipping Circle Website in collaboration with the Organizing Commission on 12th December, 2014.

Shipping players are the soul of the Shipping Sector if a ship is the core of shipping. China is taking a much more important position in International Shipping. Meanwhile, Chinese shipping players are playing a more important role in International Shipping Market.

For this regard, the Organizing Commission made the “Top100 Chinese given the closest attention to in Shipping in 2014” among the Chinese citizens and foreign citizens of Chinese origin that play a role in Chinese Shipping, covering China’s Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, in all segmentations of shipping such as shipping company, shipyard, port, commercial shipping service and public service for shipping. President Simon Liang was honored in the list with the “Find the way with OSV”.

It was reported that, in the process, the Organizing Commission conducted extensive collection and arrangement of shipping news reports and significant shipping events throughout 2014; the final list was produced through initial selection by editor, nomination by expert and final selection, which was based on the statistics by omnimedia platforms (such as Shipping Circle Website, its official microblog and WeChat) on news exposure and news forwarding or re-posting, and the attention given by professional netizens to shipping news events and shipping figures.