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The moral of Evergreen

      She like to thrive in the land of the evergreen tree. A symbol of the enterprise has the vitality and broad prospects for sustainable development;

      She is a video on Wang Bi lake lotus, rising above the sinful, showing a pulse otherworldly aspiration and interest, the pursuit of excellence;

      She or is it a word "and" the personification of the pictographic, true naturally describe the "spring" kind, harmonious, unity of the spirit;


Green corporate culture characteristics

      Chunsheng is -- this is chunhe and "Evergreen and people," the embodiment of the vitality. Reflects a dynamic, vibrant, entrepreneurial innovation, unremitting pursuit of moving forward;

      Continue to reach - this is the Evergreen and the embodiment of the "spring and creativity". Have aggressive, works together, balance coordination, built to last, the spirit of faith.

Spring and purpose of the enterprise


      Dare to responsible. Request has the desire to do better, the sense of responsibility and professional dedication, do mind global foothold official duty, heart is "spring", look to the future.

      Dare to innovation. Diligent, studious, never satisfied, emphasis and difficulty in production, work, as a breakthrough point to innovation. Achieve full innovation, all-round innovation, all-weather innovation.

      Dare to fight first. Require the pursuit of first-class, challenge is outstanding, should not only with domestic outstanding than catch up, but also with the international advanced trade compete, down-to-earth, constantly beyond, succeed. / can we climb the summit of the ideal realm.

      "Three to" spirit, the key lies in the word "dare". It is spring and people dare to challenge, and dare to create first-class spirit embodied.

      Dare to rush, dare to create, in good times, in front of achievements, to modest and prudent, not blindly optimistic, to establish the suffering consciousness, constantly sum up experience, to accelerate the development; In times of adversity, in the face of hardship, more should have the courage to meet the challenge, to change, strengthen the healthy muscle, transformation and upgrading, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness.

      Dare to rush, dare to create, dare to already, more to be good at. The first-class enterprise, want to rely on the lean team, forward-looking strategy, scientific management, profound culture, advanced mode of production and management as a powerful guarantee.