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      Enterprise vision: the international first-class industry investment holding group

      Spring and vision is the pursuit of first-class, first-class. For each member, excellence, to be "star"; For the units (departments), embodied in the lean management, leading industry; For enterprises, manifests in "the leading domestic, international first-class".

      Spring and vision depends on all the members work together to create. We believe that the lean team is better than no outstanding individual.

      Core competitiveness: speed, innovation, personalized, international

      Spring and the core competitiveness of the four elements, including "international" is fundamental.

      From the spring and development, enterprise its inception, to the outside world step; With international strategic thinking, and constantly promote enterprise's sustainable development. Because of this, we must use the internationalization strategic vision to cultivate enterprise's core competitiveness.

      Due to the international market competition is very fierce, the competition is numerous, therefore to emphasize "speed", fast strain;

      Due to the international market, business space is very broad, so let's emphasis on "innovation", goes in tide front;

      Due to the international customer needs each are not identical, and constantly updated, so want to emphasize "personalized," the complex process become simple, the simple products perfectly.

      International business model, build a "spring" competitiveness, so as to timely grasp changes in the international market, the integration of international resources to promote the development of their own.

      Overall planning: an international perspective, grasp the development trend of global economy, create business opportunities.

      In the next five years, shipbuilding industry, Marine engineering, resource investment, cosco logistics synergy development of four plates, revenue of 50 billion yuan, the total profit of 5 billion yuan of medium-term target.