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Evergreen Holding Group(EHG)is a global enterprise with a particular focus on development and investment in the ship building, the oil, gas and offshore engineering, natural resources and deep-water logistics industries. Currently, the Group has about 25 000 employees worldwide. In 2012, the Group has achieved annual gross revenue of 21.3 billion RMB, income of 13.5 billion RMB and was ranked as one of China’s top 500 enterprises.

Since its creation in 1995, the Group’s forward-looking international team has been able to capture the trends of the global economy and develop different industrial opportunities. With a creative business model and substantial investment capability, EHG has obtained exceptional achievements in its selected focused fields.


Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group (“SSG”) is one of the main subsidiaries of EHG, having a specific focus on ship design, ship construction and trade. SSG’s product range is focused on general cargo ships such as bulk carriers and container vessels as well as specialized vessels for the oil & gas industry, such as offshore supply boats and gas carriers.

Dayang Shipbuilding Company , one of SSG’s subsidiaries, aims to become the most effective efficient shipyard in the industry by focusing on a business philosophy of “simple but perfect’. Zhejiang Shipbuilding Company (another SSG subsidiary) has now become the world’s leading offshore support vessel maker through its ‘niche market leader’ strategy.

Offshore & Engineering

In a strategic move, the Group has invested in engineering services to support the offshore oil and natural gas industry with advanced technology applications and proprietary designs. By developing technology and manufacturing capabilities in this highly technical domain, the Group has acquired a leading position in the domestic market, integrating , as always, international resources.

Sinopacific Offshore and Engineering (SOE), EHG’s subsidiary specialized in this domaine, is located conveniently along the Yangtze River in Qidong City, in close proximity to Shanghai, covering an area of more than 160,000 square meters. With specially designed workshops and outfitting quay, SOE now has one of the most modern, well-equipped offshore facilities in China.

Natural Resources

As a leading Chinese enterprise with profound understanding in different cultures, EHG also focuses on the development of areas with strategic natural resources such as iron, coal, and potash etc, in both Africa and South America.

The Group has successfully and effectively acquired MagIndustries Corporation, a Canadian listed company.

Deep-water Logistics

EHG is also working to establish a “deep-water club” by developing an integrated logistics system. With investments in domestic and overseas ports, container yards, mills and an efficient distribution network, EHG is building up a complete deep-water logistics system where streamlined cost advantages can overcome any disadvantages in distance.

As one of the subsidies of EHG in this field, the Shanghai Commodity Trade and Logistics Co., Ltd aims to provide the best and most comprehensive services in commodity trade and logistics with the support from the Group’s industrial value chain.  


EHG has achieved much over the past years and with an international vision, an understanding of global economical trends and an entrepreneurial spirit to create opportunities, its ambitions for the next five years should see it reaching the goal of 5 billion yuan profit for 50 billion yuan turnover.

The Evergreen Group was created based on a vision of how we thought business could be carried out; now that vision has become reality. You are welcome to join us and be a part of this exciting adventure.